Reference: End-User Notifications tool

Endpoint Configuration installs the End-User Notifications tool on endpoints. You can check the status of this tool with the Endpoint Configuration - Get Tools Status sensor.

The tool is installed in the Tanium\Tanium End-User Notifications Tools directory. The directory contains End-User Notifications code and database files.

On Windows, the Tanium End-User Notifications directory is in the parent Tanium folder of the Tanium Client. This directory is only installed in the %programfiles% directory if Tanium Client is also installed there.

Deploy, Patch, and Engage write to Tanium End-User Notifications Tools\plugins\euss\euss.db, if you are using End-User Self Service. For example, Deploy writes statuses for deployments, catalog items from self-service profiles, and deployment information to the database. The Self Service Client reads euss.db to determine the solution content to display.