Customizing the end-user interface

To customize the End-User Self Service interface to use with Deploy 1.2 or later, you can create one or more End-User Notifications profiles, which define a set of configurations, rules, or parameters that applies to one or more computer groups.

Create a profile

  1. From the End-User Notifications menu, click Customizations and then click New Profile.
  2. Provide a name and optional description.
  3. Select target computers.

    Only one profile can apply to an endpoint.

  4. Provide a title and upload a logo file.
  5. (Optional) Select Enable End-User Self Service.
    1. Provide a welcome message to display in the self-service dashboard on endpoints.
    2. Select installation options.
    3. Click View Application Preview to preview the application.
  6. (Optional) Select Enable Additional Languages.
    1. Select a language and provide a translated title and welcome message.
    2. (Optional) Click Add Language to add more languages.

    Selecting additional languages requires End-User Notifications 1.6 or later and Deploy 1.3 or later. By default, the Self Service application displays content in the system language on the endpoints. If you enable additional languages, the user can select other languages to display.

  7. Click Save.

After you customize the End-User Self Service interface, you can create a self service profile in Deploy. For more information, see Tanium Deploy User Guide: Using the Self Service application.

Prioritize profiles

  1. From the End-User Notifications menu, click Customizations and then click Prioritize.
  2. Drag and drop a profile to reprioritize it. End-User Notifications automatically adjusts the priority numbers for the other profiles and reorders the list by priority.

    If you want to revert any changes before you save, click Reset and then click Cancel.

  3. Click Save and confirm your action.

View, edit, or delete profiles

To view profiles, click Customizations from the End-User Notifications menu.

To edit a profile, select a profile and click Edit. You can also click either the profile name or Edit to make changes to a profile.

To delete a profile, select a profile and click Delete.