Reference: Data returned by profile type

Unique data is returned from profile scans. This data depends on the profile type and the scan that was performed. For example, EC2 and level 4 discovery return operating system information about the found interfaces, but other levels of discovery methods do not.

Information returned on interface pages for each profile type
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Centralized Nmap Centralized AWS EC2 Returned for managed interfaces

Cloud Provider

Cloud Tags

Tags assigned to an instance.
AWS Docs: Tagging your Amazon EC2 resources

Computer Id

Discovery Method

First Managed


First Seen


Image Id

Image from which the virtual machine was created.

Instance Id

Unique identifier for the instance. Each instance can have multiple MAC addresses.

Instance State

Current phase of the instance lifecycle (such as running, stopped).
AWS docs: Instance lifecycle

Instance Type

Type of hardware of the host computer for the instance.

AWS docs: Instance Types


Number of interfaces that use the specific label. Only displays on the Labels page.

IP Address

Is Managed

Value is 1 for any managed interfaces, 0 for unmanaged.


Labels are applied to interfaces after they are imported by a profile. For more information, see Labels.

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Last Discovered

The last time the interface was found. This attribute is used to determine when an interface is flagged as Lost.

(connected results only)

Last Managed

The last time that the interface was returned as a managed interface. This attribute is used to determine when an interface is flagged as Lost.

Last Seen

The last time the interface was found with any discovery method. All discovery methods return this value. This attribute is not used to determine when an interface is flagged as Lost.

Launch Time

Time that the instance was started.


Location as determined by the uploaded CSV file. Locations are applied to interfaces after they are imported by a discovery method. Locations



Manually Ignored

An interface that was marked as ignored by clicking Ignore.


The network card manufacturer, derived from the MAC address.


NAT IP Address

Open Ports

The most common 1000 ports that get scanned by Nmap, or from a list of ports provided in the discovery method configuration.

OS Generation

Nmap (Level 4): A "best guess" of OS version from OS fingerprinting. Consider carefully if you choose OS Generation as a label condition. OS generation is not displayed for managed interfaces.

AWS: Specific operating system returned by the Amazon API. This information is discovered when the "ssm:DescribeInstanceInformation" permission is set on the IAM role, and the instance is configured with Amazon EC2 Simple Systems Manager (SSM).

OS Platform

The operating system.


Owner ID

Profile Name

The profiles that found the interface.


Unmanageable interfaces are on devices that cannot run the Tanium Client. By default, unmanageable interfaces have an OS Platform that is not supported by the Tanium Client, defined by the Unmanageable OS Platforms predefined automatic label.

Virtual Network Id

Network that is configured in a virtual private cloud.


Regions associated with the instance.

AWS docs: Available regions

1 First managed returned only for interfaces that changed from unmanaged to managed

2 For centralized Nmap scans, MAC is returned only if the scan runs on the same network as the Tanium Module Server

3 For centralized AWS EC2 scans, AWS is returned as the manufacturer for all discovered interfaces

4 Solaris endpoints do not detect OS platform