Testing direct endpoint connections

Use Direct Connect to test connections to endpoints without formally creating a connection. Test connections are a helpful tool to ensure that users of Tanium modules can make connections to endpoints and to troubleshoot connection issues if they occur.

Search for the endpoint in the Direct Connect to an Endpoint section of the Direct Connect Overview page.

  • To use the simple search, enter the IP address or Computer Name (exactly as it appears in the Computer Name sensor) for the endpoint to which you want to test a connection. Select the endpoint from the results.
  • To use a filter, click Filter Builder. Build a query to search for the endpoint using advanced filters to filter question results based on match conditions.

    Click + and use the controls to add filter conditions:

    • Add Row: Add one or more conditions.
    • Add Group: Select this option to nest a Boolean operator and then use Add Row to build the nested expression.

If the test connection is unsuccessful, see Troubleshooting Direct Connect.