Reviewing device data

In Data Explorer, you can review device attribute data that is collected by Mac Device Enrollment and stored in Tanium Data Service (TDS).

Review existing device data

Review existing device data in Data Explorer. The data automatically refreshes every 60 minutes.

For a list of the sensors used to collect information about the devices enrolled with Mac Device Enrollment, see Device information collection.

  1. From the Mac Device Enrollment menu, click Data Explorer.
  2. View the data. The table contains the following columns:
    • Computer Name: Computer name of the device
    • Device ID: ID of the device
    • Device Platform: Apple platform of the device
    • Enrollment Status: See Enrollment Status
    • Model Name: Model number of the device
    • Tanium Client Version: Version number of the Tanium Client installed on the device

      If necessary, you can re-install the Tanium Client to resolve issues or to update to a new version. See Troubleshooting Mac Device Enrollment.

  3. To force a data update, click Refresh Device Data. It might take a few minutes to refresh data.

Enrollment Status

  • Unenrolled: Device has not yet started the enrollment process or has unenrolled.
  • PendingCert: Device has started the enrollment process but you have not yet uploaded a certificate signing request (CSR) in the Apple Push Certificates Portal.
  • CertIssued: Device has been issued a device certificate by Tanium Cloud MDM Service.
  • AppleAuthenticated: Device has successfully contacted the Tanium Cloud MDM Service.
  • EnrollmentComplete: Device completed Mac device enrollment.
  • EnrollmentFailed: Device did not complete Mac device enrollment.

Create data filter

  1. In Data Explorer, click Filters.
  2. Perform one or both of the following actions:
    • Click Add > Add Row to add a new attribute to the filter. Select an attribute from the dropdown list. Enter the criteria and add as many rows as necessary. To appear in the results, a device must meet the criteria for each row you add.
    • Click Add > Add Group to add attributes to your criteria that can be AND or OR. Select an attribute from the dropdown list. Enter the criteria and add as many groups as necessary. Select OR if only one attribute must be satisfied for a device to appear in the results. Select AND if all attributes must be satisfied for a device to appear in the results.
  3. Click Apply All. The results of your filter settings appear in a table on the page.

Customize columns

You can change which columns are displayed in the Data Explorer, and adjust the order of the columns.

  1. In the report, click Customize Columns .
  2. To remove a column, clear the checkbox for the column.
  3. To adjust the column order, click and drag the column names.
  4. Click Save.