Managing the packages gallery

Deploy 1.1 introduces the Packages Gallery page, where you can import predefined software package templates. Use the software packages gallery to import third-party software package templates to install, update, or remove software on a set of target computers.

Tanium does not repackage or redistribute third-party software installers. The Tanium software package templates provide you with the remote file paths to directly download the software installer from the third-party vendor. You must review any applicable third-party End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) before you import third-party software to the Tanium software package catalog. Tanium is not responsible for accepting, nor does it accept, any EULAs from third-party software vendors on your behalf.

Before you begin

For applicability checks and command line operations, make sure that all endpoints have the required system environment variables defined. For more information, see System environment variables.

Import a software package from the packages gallery

  1. From the Deploy menu, click Software and then click Packages Gallery.
  2. Click Import for the package you want to import, and click Yes to confirm your action.

    To import multiple packages simultaneously, select the packages that you want to import and click Import.

  3. Click Distribute Catalog, and click Yes to confirm your action.

After you import a package from the packages gallery and distribute the catalog, you can deploy, edit, delete, or export the package.

If you import the Oracle Java 8 package and want to remove previous versions of Java, you can add REMOVEOUTOFDATEJRES=1 to the end of the run command in the Update Command field of the software package.

Replace or add a new package to the software package catalog

If a software package that is being imported already exists in the software package catalog, you are presented with two options prior to importing again. If you want to replace the existing package, select Replace existing. If you want to import the package, but also keep the existing one, select Save as another software package. You must then update at least one of the fields to create a unique record in the software package catalog.