Reference: Deploy endpoint tools

Endpoint Configuration installs Deploy tools on endpoints. You can check the status of these tools with the Endpoint Configuration - Get Tools Status sensor.

Tool Description

<Tanium Client>\Tools\Deploy

Files in this directory primarily exist for historical reasons and provide limited functionality. Dependent on Software Management.

Software Management

<Tanium Client>\Tools\SoftwareManagement

The long-running Python Deploy process and platform-specific scripts. This directory also includes file downloads, logs, database files, and other artifacts.

swmgr-cx (or Software Manager)

<Tanium Client>\extensions\software_manager

Tanium Client extension that starts Software Management, the Deploy process. Software Manager is also used for Client Management Endpoint Must Gathers.

Software Management and Software Manager are different tools, although their names are similar.

Software Manager is also used by Patch and Asset.

Deploy - Euss Tool Wrapper and Tanium EUSS
  • <Tanium Client>\Tools\DeployEussToolWrapper
    Deploy - Euss Tool Wrapper installs End-User Self Service (EUSS) for Deploy on Windows endpoints. The version file in this directory indicates the current version of EUSS required by Deploy.

    Patch and End-User Notifications use unique Euss Tool Wrappers to indicate the required EUSS versions for the solutions. Separate tool wrappers for each solution allow for independent solution installations and upgrades.

  • <Tanium Client>\Tools\euss
    EUSS code. When a user runs the Self Service Client, Tanium writes logs to %localappdata%\tanium-end-user-self-service.When a user clicks a Deploy tile or deployment in Self Service, Tanium generates an activity file in %localappdata%\tanium-end-user-self-service.

    If you are uninstalling or reinstalling EUSS, generally target Tanium EUSS and not the wrapper.
  • If you are using End-User Self Service and notifications, Deploy also uses the End-User Notifications tool. For more information, see Tanium End-User Notifications User Guide: Reference: End-User Notifications tool.


<Tanium Client>\python38

TPython binary and libraries installed by Endpoint Configuration. TPython executes Software Management and its associated code.

python38 is also used by other Tanium solutions and is commonly found on Tanium-managed endpoints.


<Tanium Client>\extensions\index

Tanium Client Extension that runs Tanium Index. If an endpoint uses both Asset and Deploy, Index must be installed for Deploy on the endpoint. Index is not used by Deploy but is a dependency of swmgr-cx. You can disable but not uninstall Index on Deploy endpoints.