Reference: Variables

You can use variables when you create a connection. For some connection destinations and formats, you can use variables for configured fields that can be replaced with new values when the connection run starts.

Connection variables

Table 1:   Connection variables
Variable File Email Formats
File Name Subject Attachment File Name Syslog: MessageId CEF: Source LEEF: Source

{connection id}

Numeric ID of the connection; unique only to a specific Module Server

{connection name}

User-configured name of the connection

{connection run id}

Numeric ID of the connection run; unique only to a specific Module Server


Human-readable name of the connection source

{computer group}2

Name of the computer group from the Tanium Server

1 The {source} variable is interpreted as the data source name (for example, System Status) for most data sources. For saved questions, the {source} variable is interpreted as the saved question name.

2 The {computer group} and {computergroup} variables are available for only the saved question data source. No other data sources offer computer group filtering.

Timestamp variables

Connect provides two default date/time formats: MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ for connection sources and destinations that produce columns with the DateTime value type. You can update the format using time stamp variables. You can also create a Timestamp custom column type using variables for the Date/Time Format field.

Any characters in the format string that are not in the following table are passed through to the destination.

Table 2:   Timestamp variables
Variable Description
United States
ISO 8601
%v VMS
%C Century
%y Year without Century
%Y Year with Century
%m Month from 01 to 12
%b Month abbreviation
%B Month
%V Week
%W Week assuming Monday first
%U Week assuming Sunday first
%a Weekday abbreviation
%A Weekday
%d Day from 01 to 31
%e Day from 1 to 31
%w Day from 0 to 6
%j Day from 001 to 366
%u Day from 1 to 7
%H Hour from 00 to 23
%I Hour from 01 to 12
%k Hour from 0 to 23
%l Hour from 0 to 12
%M Minute
%S Second
%s Seconds since 1970
%L Millisecond from 000 to 999
%3 Millisecond in 3 digits
%6 Microsecond in 6 digits
%9 Nanosecond in 9 digits
%p AM/PM
%P am/pm
%l:%M:%S %p
12-hour time (seconds)
24-hour time (minutes)
24-hour time (seconds)
%z Time zone hour offset
%Z Time zone name

1 Default options.

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