Installing Discover

You can install Discover from the Solutions page.

Before you begin

Note: The procedures and screen captures that are in the documentation are for Version 7 and later. Version 6 procedures and screens might vary.

Install Discover solution

Import Discover from the Solutions page.

  1. From the Main Menu, click Tanium Solutions.
  2. Under Tanium Discover, click Import Version.
  3. In the Content Import Preview window, you can expand the package to review the Tanium content that is being installed. Click Proceed with Import.

  4. After the installation process completes, refresh your browser.
  5. From the Main Menu, click Discover. The Discover home page is displayed.

Install Discover Client Deploy solution

If you plan to use Discover to deploy Tanium Client to your endpoints, install the Discover Client Deploy solution.

  1. From the Main Menu, click Tanium Solutions.
  2. In the Tanium Content section, select the Discover Client Deploy row and click Import Solution.
  3. Review the list of Packages and Sensors and click Proceed with Import.

To finish configuring the Discover Client Deploy service, see Deploying Tanium Client to unmanaged endpoints.

Verify that the correct versions are running

From the Discover home page, click information . Confirm that the Service Version, Client Deploy Version, and Workbench Version are at the expected numbers. The Service Version and Workbench Version should be the same.

Configure service account

You must specify a Tanium administrator user that can be used to run several background processes for Discover. From the Discover home page, click settings . Update the service account settings and click Save Changes.

What to do next

See Getting started for more information about configuring scanners to discover interfaces, deploying the Tanium Client to unmanaged interfaces, and managing interfaces.

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