Managing application settings

If you are using Tanium as a Service, module configuration is handled by the service.

Any changes to the default values for the Comply application settings must be tested first in a lab or staging environment so that you understand the implications of the change. You must have the Comply Administrator role to modify application settings. For more information about Comply roles, see User role requirements.

  1. On the Comply Overview page, click Settings .
  2. Click Edit for a setting, enter a Value, and click Save.

The following settings are available:

General Settings Default Value Definition
report_question_reissue_seconds 18000 How frequently to reissue report saved questions
is_airgapped False Whether this module server is airgapped from the internet
assessment_mr_enabled False Enables filtering of assessments based on user management rights
maintain_management_rights True Preserve management rights when reports are updated
tanium_request_timeout_seconds 60 Number of seconds to wait for a response from the Tanium server before raising an error
log_level Debug Effective logging level (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal)
assessment-status-error-threshold 5 Assessments considered in Error state when Scan Error percentage exceeds this threshold
assessment-status-pending-threshold 5 Assessments considered in Pending state when the percentage of endpoints where the assessment is pending exceeds this threshold.
assessment-age-action-duration 60 How often (in minutes) to reissue Saved Actions for age-based assessments (Min: 30; Max: 240)
investigations_open_new_tab False Launch an investigation in a new tab instead of the current tab.

You cannot add a new application setting or delete any of the existing application settings. You can only update the default values for these settings. If you click Delete , the setting returns to the default value. The setting is not deleted.