Microsoft Azure
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription. Ensure that Azure DB for PostgreSQL is enabled for the Azure subscription.
  • Admin Public Key: The public key to use when logging in via SSH.
  • Azure virtual networks for each of host server in a joint resource group dedicated to this deployment. Joining them into one dedicated resource group makes it easier for you to isolate access to the Tanium deployment and also makes later cleanup easier (if necessary).
  • For builds with a remote Azure DB for PostgreSQL Server, you must enable the resource provider and enable service endpoints on the target virtual network. See Microsoft Azure: Virtual Network Service Endpoints.
  • A secure management computer or jumpbox that you can use to access the Tanium Server from a remote management computer. See Microsoft Azure: Security management in Azure.
  • A download URL for the Tanium installation RPM file. Contact your Tanium technical account manager (TAM).
  • A Tanium license.

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