Maintaining Tanium Infrastructure

Use Microsoft Azure features to back up the virtual machines. Use standard Linux server functionality to upgrade Tanium software.

Take snapshots

In Microsoft Azure, a snapshot is a full, read-only copy of a virtual hard disk (VHD). Use Microsoft Azure portal to take a snapshot or Azure backup to schedule backups. For details, see Microsoft Azure: Create a snapshot and Microsoft Azure: Back up a virtual machine in Azure.


  1. Upgrade Tanium software
  2. Obtain the upgrade RPM files from your TAM.
  3. Upload RPM files to the server host in Microsoft Azure.
  4. Use the following commands to upgrade.

    #systemctl stop taniumserver
    #systemctl disable taniumserver
    #rpm -Uv TaniumServer-7.*.rpm
    Preparing packages...
    Found and restored previous TaniumServer settings
    #systemctl enable taniumserver
    #systemctl start taniumserver

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