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Client Management overview

With Client Management, you can rapidly deploy the Tanium™ Client to targeted sets of endpoints. With Client Management, you can download installer packages to install the Tanium™ Client on endpoints. You can also continuously monitor the health of all installed clients to help quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve issues with clients.

Client download

Download installer packages to install the Tanium™ Client to Windows, Linux, or Mac endpoints.

Client deployment

Deploy the Tanium™ Client to targeted sets of Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, or AIX endpoints.

Deployment process overview

Before you begin the deployment process, determine the set of endpoints that you are going to target. You can target by single IP, computer name, IP or CIDR range, or label that you defined in Tanium™ Discover.

To deploy clients, configure client configurations and credentials. You can then use those configurations to create deployments, which are targeted at specific sets of unmanaged endpoints. The Tanium Module Server installs the Tanium Client on the targeted endpoints. Depending on the results, you can reuse the configurations to try deployments again or target different sets of endpoints.

If you are deploying the Tanium Client to endpoints that cannot be reached directly from the Tanium Module Server, such as those connected to a Zone Server, you can configure client settings, and then download and manually deploy an installer bundle.

Client configurations

A client configuration includes client settings specific to a deployment, including the version of the Tanium Client to deploy, and the Tanium Server with which to associate the client. Client configurations can also contain tags, which identify the endpoints after the client is installed.

Client credentials

Client credentials are a list of credentials the Module Server uses to log in to endpoint computers for installation of the Tanium Client. This list of credentials is tried in the defined order for each endpoint in the deployment.

Target endpoints

When you create and run a deployment, you can target endpoints by IP address or range, computer name, or labels from Tanium™ Discover.

Client health monitoring

After clients are installed, you can use Client Management to continuously monitor client health. Quickly identify outliers and issues by viewing aggregated information for clients on supported operating systems. Diagnose specific issues with Windows, Linux, and Mac clients by directly connecting and exploring individualized client health information.

Integration with other Tanium products


You can apply labels to the unmanaged interfaces that are identified with Discover, and then you can target endpoints using those labels.


Client Management features Trends boards that provide data visualization of Client Management concepts, including successful and failed deployments, and the versions of the Tanium Client that were deployed. The following panels are in the Tanium Client Management board:

  • Tanium Client versions deployed
  • Tanium Client versions deployed - latest
  • Successful installations
  • Deployment failures

The Successful installations and Deployment failures panels apply only to deployment using Client Management.

Though the Successful installations and Deployment failures panels appear in the Tanium Client Management board in Trends, they do not apply in TaaS and do not appear on the Client Management Overview page.

For more information about how to import the Trends boards that are provided by Client Management, see Tanium Trends User Guide: Importing the initial gallery.