View and manage content-only solutions

Client Management manages tool deployment for content-only solutions that provide content but do not have a service or workbench, such as Tanium™ Core Content. Some predefined scheduled actions distribute tools from these content-only solutions that endpoints need to perform functions for certain core sensors and packages. For example, the action Distribute Application Management Tools deploys a package that includes scripts for starting and stopping services.

Client Management creates an action group for each content-only solution. By default, each of these action groups includes only the No Computers computer group, and so associated tools do not deploy to endpoints until you select another computer group for the action group.

For more information about the required configuration for specific content-only solutions, see Tanium Community article: Configure Delivery of Endpoint Tools and Content.

View the status of content-only solutions

You can review the status of content-only solutions in Client Management, including the configured action groups, and applicable content sets, and deployment status. Click Content-Only Solutions from the Endpoint Configuration menu.

Solutions that are targeted for deployment have a status of Deployed . The status Not Targeted indicates that the action group for a solution targets No Computers, and associated tools are not deployed for the solution until you update the targeting for the listed action group. Follow the steps in Configure action groups for content-only solutions to deploy a tool.

By default, Client Management scans the environment for changes to content-only solutions every 15 minutes. To initiate a scan immediately, click Scan for Content-Only Solutions. You can configure the Content-Only Solution Job Frequency setting to adjust the time between scans. See Global Endpoint Configuration settings.

In the following example, the action groups for Core Content and Core Content - AD Query have been configured to target endpoints. The action groups for the Default Content, Default Content - 7zip, and Default Content - Optional solutions target No Computers, and the tools associated with each of those solutions are not deployed to endpoints.

The tools for deployed solutions appear on the Tools page with the detailed deployment status. For more information, see Managing endpoint tools.

Configure action groups for content-only solutions

To enable Client Management to deploy tools for a content-only solution to the appropriate endpoints, configure the associated action group.

  1. From the Endpoint Configuration menu, click Content-Only Solutions.

  2. Click Not Targeted to view the tools that target No Computers.

  3. For each listed tool, note the associated Action Group, and configure that action group to target the appropriate endpoints:
    1. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Actions > Action Groups.
    2. Click the action group name.
    3. Select the Computer Groups that the action group should target and then click Save.

      Select the All Computers computer group for these action groups.

For more information about action groups, see Tanium Console User Guide: Managing action groups.