Verifying the deployment

Log into the Tanium™ Console to verify proper communication among deployment components:

  • Successful installation of the Default Content pack verifies communication with
  • Successful installation of Tanium™ Interact verifies communication between the Tanium™ Server and the Module Server.
  • Successful registration by Tanium™ Clients verifies communication with clients.
  • Successful registration by a Tanium Client that is configured to use the Zone Server address verifies communication between the Zone Server and Zone Server Hub service.

Log into the Tanium Console

  1. In a web browser, go to https://Tanium_Server_FQDN[:port] to log into the Tanium Console.

    Tanium_Server_FQDN is the fully qualified domain name for the Tanium Server appliance. The default port is 8443, and it is redirected to 443. You do not have to specify port if you use the default.

  2. Enter the user name Tanium and the password that you set when you installed the Tanium Server.

    When you log into the Tanium Console for the first time, Tanium automatically imports the Default Content pack. The Default Content pack include the sensors, packages, saved questions, and dashboards that are essential for getting started with Tanium.

  3. If you installed Tanium Server version 7.4.x or later, go to the Tanium Solutions page and import Interact.

    The Interact workbench includes the user interface for questions and results.

    For Tanium Server versions earlier than 7.4.x, Tanium automatically imports Interact.

Deploy the Tanium Client to your lab computers

Deploy one or more Tanium Clients to endpoints in your environment so that you can test basic client-server registration. For comprehensive information on client deployment options, see the Tanium Client User Guide.

Verify the basic deployment

  1. In Interact, verify that endpoints with the Tanium Client respond to the following query:

    Get Computer Name and Tanium Server Name from all machines

  2. Review the results grid to verify that all endpoints with the Tanium Client report successfully.
  3. You can also go to the System Status page to review recent client registration details. Go to Administration > System Status to display the page.

Verify the Zone Server deployment

  1. Use the Tanium Client Management service to deploy the Tanium Client to a client in your lab. In the configuration for Tanium Server, specify the Zone Server FQDN (appliance-zs.tam.local in this example).
  2. In Interact, ask Get Computer Name and Tanium Server Name from all machines and verify that the Tanium Client on the Zone Server reports through the Tanium Zone Server.