Installing Tanium Server

The Taniumâ„¢ Server role installation creates the Tanium Server and database server, SSL certificates, SSH keys, and Tanium Server configuration database.

Before you begin

Make sure:

Install Tanium Server

  1. Log into the Tanium Server appliance as a user with the tanadmin role.

    The TanOS console displays the tanadmin menu.

  2. Enter 1 to go to the Tanium Installation menu.
  3. Enter 2 to install the Tanium Server.
  4. When prompted, specify a password for the initial Tanium Console admin user (tanium).

    You specify the Tanium Console admin user (tanium) and password when you complete the Module Server registration with the Tanium Server and when you log into the Tanium Console for the first time. Make sure you specify a password that you will be able to recall.

  5. When prompted, specify the Tanium platform version you want to install.
  6. Enter YES to continue with the installation.

The installation is completed in about 30 seconds.

Set up TLS for the Tanium Server deployment

Installation of the Tanium Server automatically sets up TLS for Tanium Client to Tanium Server connections. One setting is set implicitly to a non-disruptive value by default: 

  • RequireIncomingEncryption is set to 0 (TLS not required)

To change the default values, go to the Tanium Operations menu and use the Configuration Settings menu to change the values. See Change a Tanium server configuration

For detailed information about TLS communication in a Tanium deployment, see Tanium Core Platform Deployment Reference Guide: Setting up TLS communication.


What to do next

  1. Download the Tanium Server public key file so you can include it in Tanium Client installation packages.
  2. Installing Tanium Module Server.