Reference: Installing a Tanium All-in-One role

In an All-in-One deployment, the Tanium™ Server, the Tanium™ Module Server, and a database server reside on the same Tanium Appliance. All-in-One deployments are supported only for proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrations.

Use Tanium Appliances configured with the All-in-One role only for evaluation purposes. Tanium does not support All-in-One deployments in production environments. Do not allow a Tanium Appliance that is configured with the All-in-One role to accept inbound connections from the internet.

All-in-One deployment

The All-in-One role installation creates the necessary component servers, SSL certificates, SSH keys, and configuration databases.

Before you begin

Make sure:

Install the Tanium Server All-in-One role

Before you begin

Obtain the tokens URL from Tanium to gain access to RPM update files. This includes the RPM files for the Tanium Server, Tanium Module Server, and Tanium Zone Server.

Alternatively, use SFTP to copy the RPM update files to the /incoming folder of the primary Tanium Server appliance. This method is necessary if you have a proxy server that your Tanium Server must use to reach the internet. After you install Tanium, you can configure proxy settings from the Tanium Console which is used for future upgrades.

You can optionally use a Zone Server with an All-in-One Appliance if it is appropriate for your proof-of-concept environment. For this configuration, follow the steps Installing and managing an Appliance Array instead of the following procedure, and install the Tanium Server (All-In-One) and Tanium Zone Server Service roles on the appliances in the array.

You cannot add additional Tanium Servers or Module Servers to an array that contains an All-in-One Appliance.

Install the All-in-One role

  1. Sign in to the appliance as a user with the tanadmin role.
  2. Enter 1 to go to the Tanium Installation menu. ClosedView screen
  3. Enter 1 to initiate an All-in-One installation.
  4. When prompted, specify a password for the initial Tanium Console user (tanium). ClosedView screen
  5. Choose an option to install the Tanium platform:
    • If you have the tokens URL, enter T, enter the URL, and then follow the prompts.
    • If you uploaded the file to the /incoming folder on the appliance, the installer discovers the file and prompts you to do the installation.
  6. Enter YES to continue with the installation.

The installation takes approximately one minute to complete.

What to do next

Verify the installation. If you installed Tanium Server 7.4 or later, this includes uploading the Tanium license.