Reference: Tanium Appliance specifications

This page lists deployment sizing specifications for the Tanium Appliance (physical), Tanium Cloud Appliance, and the Tanium Virtual Appliance.

Any modification to the Licensed Software by Customer or any third-party or failure by Customer to implement any Enhancements to the Licensed Software may void Tanium’s obligation to provide Support Services and Tanium’s warranties.

Physical and cloud appliance specifications

Download the Tanium Infrastructure data sheet for specifications of the physical and cloud versions of the Tanium Appliance.

Virtual appliance specifications

Tanium provides virtual appliance images for the following hypervisors.

Hypervisor Virtual image format
Microsoft Hyper-V1 VHD

1 Hyper-V requires the following options when you set up the VM:

  • Create the VM as a Generation 2 VM.
  • Disable the Enable Secure Boot option after you create the VM, but before you start the VM.

Each virtual appliance image contains the following default settings:

  • BIOS
  • 16GB RAM
  • 4 CPU
  • 4 NIC (VMXNET3)
  • 500GB disk (SATA 0, VMDK Format)

Before you start the virtual appliance for the first time, you might need to use the VM settings utility on the hypervisor to make changes to support the recommended specifications for your deployment size.

  TS or ZS < 5K TS or ZS < 10K TS or ZS < 25K TMS < 25K
CPU 4 8 16 8
RAM (GB) 16 32 48 32
Drives 1 x 500GB 1 x 500GB 1 x 500GB 1 x 500GB