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    You can deploy a Tanium Appliance in any of the following Appliance roles:

  • Tanium™ Server

    The core server that communicates with clients. The Tanium Server also runs the UI console and API services and communicates with all other platform and solution components, as well as the content.tanium.com servers that host Tanium content packs and Tanium solution module import packages. The Tanium Server depends on a database server that is installed when the Tanium Server role is installed.

  • Tanium™ Module Server

    A dedicated server to run application services and store files for Tanium solution modules. It is installed on a separate appliance to prevent intentional or accidental scripts from having a direct impact on the Tanium Server.

  • All-in-One

    Tanium Server, Tanium Module Server, and database server on the same appliance. An All-in-One deployment is supported only for proof-of-concept (POC) deployments.

  • Tanium™ Zone Server

    A server typically deployed in an enterprise DMZ network to proxy traffic between Tanium™ Clients that reside on limited-access networks and a Tanium Server that resides on the trusted core network.

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