Getting started

Step 1: Install and configure the Tanium Appliance

If you have one or more physical appliances, install the appliances into a machine room and configure bootstrap network settings.

For details, see the Tanium Appliance Quick Start Guide.

Step 1: Set up the cloud environment

Configure your cloud environment to host Tanium Cloud Appliances.

Contact Tanium Support for instructions. For more information, see Contact Tanium Support.

Step 2: Complete the initial setup

Connect to the TanOS console to configure network settings and initial users.

For Tanium Cloud Appliance, see Completing the initial setup (Tanium Cloud Appliance).

Step 3: Set up an Appliance Array

Use the TanOS console to set up communication between the appliances and install the components of the Tanium Core Platform from a single appliance.

See Installing an Appliance Array

Step 4: Verify the installation

Make sure the components of the Tanium Core Platform installed correctly and that Tanium Clients can report to the Tanium Server.

See Verifying the installation.