Maintaining API Gateway

Perform monthly maintenance tasks to ensure that API Gateway successfully performs scheduled activities on all the targeted endpoints and does not overuse endpoint or network resources. If API Gateway is not performing as expected, you might need to troubleshoot issues or change settings. See Troubleshooting API Gateway for related procedures.

  1. Verify that API tokens have not expired. See Tanium Console User Guide: View API token details.
  2. Verify whether any API tokens are due for rotation based on the policy of your organization. See Tanium Console User Guide: Rotate an API token.
  3. Revoke any API tokens that are no longer needed. See Tanium Console User Guide: Revoke API tokens.
  4. Check for deprecated fields and, if necessary, update the integration scripts that use them. See Reference: Deprecated fields.
  5. To investigate and remediate API Gateway issues, see Troubleshooting API Gateway.