Using API Gateway

Use API Gateway to build API-based integrations with the Tanium Core Platform. This service consolidates information from multiple Tanium modules into a unified view of information on the endpoints in the environment. API Gateway intelligently routes requests to the services and sources that provide the most recent information and the most reliable mutations.

API Gateway uses GraphQL to request data (queries) and to make changes (mutations). With GraphQL, you can compose queries in API Gateway to retrieve the exact data that you want as well as filter the results to a set of endpoints.

Use API Gateway to:

  • Query endpoints through the Tanium ServerTanium Cloud, or access data through Tanium Data Service
  • Create, delete, and query actions
  • Query packages
  • Open a connection to an endpoint through Tanium Direct Connect and retrieve data from the endpoint

For examples of available functions, see Reference: API Gateway examples.

Test a query in the Tanium Console

To access the query explorer in the Tanium Console and run a query, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Shared Services > API Gateway.
  2. Enter a query in the query pane. For example, paste the following query to get the time from the Tanium ServerTanium Cloud:

    If the query explorer does not appear on the API Gateway Overview page, click Customize Page and make sure the Query Explorer option is selected.

  3. (Optional) If a query or mutation uses variables, expand the QUERY VARIABLES pane and include the variables in the pane that expands.
  4. Click Execute Query Execute Query.

API Gateway sends the query to the serverTanium Cloud and returns the response in the results pane.

For more information on the query explorer, see Query explorer.

Use the Documentation Explorer to view the schema

API Gateway contains a schema reference that documents all queries, mutations, and objects that are available in API Gateway. The schema reference is generated directly from the schema; refer to the schema reference in API Gateway for the most up-to-date documentation.

To view the schema reference in the query explorer, click Docs to expand the Documentation Explorer pane of the query explorer.